Deprive was founded in 2012 by Jonas and former drummer Henrik Sutinen. They had both left their old band Bermuda and wanted to make something new together. A couple of songs where written and pretty soon they needed to add a couple members to make a proper line up. Sebastian Fröding (guitar) and Rasmus joined the band and not long after they added Anders on vocals. No time was wasted and not a year after the completion of the group they released their first album 'As We Perish'. The album got decent reviews and they started to get a steady following of fans. A 5 track EP was released later that year and in 2015 the follow up album saw the light of day, named Preacher of Tragedy. The album focused on the negative aspects of religion, blind worship and the stupidity of man kind.
After a couple of years hiatus and line up changes, the band are currently in the studio writing and recording their upcoming album. A concept album about the fall of the human race.
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